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Hi, I'm Tawnya. 

I am an artist, creator, educator, parent, grandparent, and wife.

I live my life purposefully and passionately and art is my gift.

I am a self-taught artist, my only formal training being a few classes in college and whatever tips and techniques I can remember from high school. I did not go to college until my late-twenties and I initially enrolled as an art major but switched to history after my first year. I have worked in the education field for the last ten years and am currently a high school special educator and social studies teacher. I co-owned a dance fitness studio several years ago but walked away from that venture to focus more on my career and family. In addition to my career and art business, I am the wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, mother and step-mother to two absolutely lovely daughters, and grandmother to two adorably yummy little granddaughters. It was always my dream to make art my career field but instead I settled on my second passion as a safer option and one that would guarantee me employment. There is a small part of me that wishes I could make the shift from teaching social studies to teaching art but I have decided to commit myself, instead, to pursuing an independent art business. Although I am proficient with a variety of mediums and subjects, I specialize in portrait work with colored and graphite pencils being my medium of choice. You can visit my PORTFOLIO TAB to view samples of some of my art and read more about my journey HERE. 


You can learn a lot from a person’s playlist

I am not musically gifted...I cannot sing, I cannot play any instruments, I cannot even hum a tune--BUT music is part of who I am and is woven into everything I do. I can't imagine going a day without it. I already shared with you some of my favorite music the post 25 random facts . The ty

Just Me…

Snagged this from a friend on Facebook... 1. Are you named after someone? I went home from the hospital and "female Jones" but was named Tawnya after a character on General Hospital shortly after 2. When is the last time you cried? When I was talking to my Aunt Kamie on Facetime last Saturday...but

The Williams Family is Complete

complete | kəmˈplēt | adjective having all the necessary or appropriate parts: a complete list of courses offered by the college | no wardrobe is complete this year without clothes. entire; full: I only managed one complete term at school. having run its full course; finished: the restoration of