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Guess who’s BACK

It has been more than a year since I posted a blog but I’m BACK! I apologize for “disappearing” and have let you, and myself, down but I have been busy BEYOND belief.

I feel like I’ve been on the grind nonstop, trying to MAKE art, trying to SELL art, trying to figure out HOW to sell art, trying to improve my social media presence…the list goes on. The difficult part, the part that gets in my way….trying to keep up on all the other STUFF I have to do…like work full-time, help run our fitness studio, teach Zumba, help with the grandkids and basically meet my basic life necessities. One of the things I HAVEN’T spent anytime doing is updating my blog.

Despite feeling overwhelmed and often inadequate, I try to celebrate the successes as this is often the only thing that keeps me going. Here is my “success” list for 2017 so far:

  • Completed 6 drawings (one of which took about 45 HOURS)
  • Displayed my art in several shows
  • Finished a few commission pieces
  • Participated in the Jackalope Art Fair, a huge 2 day event that I set my sights on a year ago but didn’t get in the first time
  • Entered 3 drawings into a juried show, Gateway to the Rockies Art Show. Two got accepted and one, and my drawing “Chalk it Up,” won 1st place in the 2D category…what?!

I’m trying to finish out the year strong and have a few more things for my list…I am working on another commission, I am hoping to complete a few more big drawings, and will be participating in several more events before 2017 is over:

And although I have avoided dedicating anytime to my blog, I am making a commitment, trying to add another success to the list. I am back in effect and plan to update my blog more regularly. With only about two and a half months left in 2017, I’ve got to stay focused, stay on the grind, and get back to the hustle. Plan on hearing from me soon, I have lots to share….some good and some bad…but I think all worth writing about.





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