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When I See You Again: Celebrating Korin

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Exactly three years ago…

My step-daughter, Korin Lijah Williams, passed away at only eighteen-years-old. Last year, on the two-year anniversary of her death, I wrote a post  reflecting on the tragedy. This year, I decided to pay tribute to her in a different way.

Kayva Lanae..

Korin left behind a legacy, a gift to the world, and a special piece of herself. Her daughter, Kayva Lanae Williams, was only 9-months-old when Korin was killed. She will be four-years-old in a few months. Kayva has brought more joy to our lives than we could have ever imagined. She is the memory of Korin and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Korin’s life than to share her gift with you.

A Celebration of Life…

Until we see you again…

I know that Korin is watching Kayva and sees what an amazing little lady she is. Kayva has a vivacious personality and approaches life with such joy. She exemplifies resiliency as she has already been faced with more adversity than many adults. Like Korin, Kayva has a generous soul and a kind heart. She is fearless, confident, and silly. Her smile fills and eyes light up the room. To Korinwe love and miss you tremendously. Thank you for giving Kayva to the world…she is the very thing that keeps us moving forward. We will tell you all about her when we see you again ♥

6 thoughts on “When I See You Again: Celebrating Korin

  1. What a lovely tribute to a beautiful mother and daughter. <3

    1. Thank you Susan <3

  2. What a story, a story that is as real as it gets. The things that make us think about life and family.And how much both mean to our lives. Experience happiness and sadness all from one tragedy. But to you family I say stay who you are and keep doing what you’re doing.The both of you are great grandparents and show nothing more the true genuine love for both of your granddaughters.

    1. Thank you Vannessa. Love you <3

  3. This was so beautiful!!???

  4. Kayva has the greatest smile. Such cute pictures and beautiful tribute.

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